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My husband James, our son James Jr., and I relocated to Treasure Lake from California when my husband accepted a new job as the Director of Accounting with Guardian Elder Care in Brockway. Who knew the largest skilled nursing provider in the entire state of Pennsylvania was headquartered in a small town of 2000?! We had no family here and knew zero people but we loved Treasure Lake (or at least what we saw online) so we bought a house, sight unseen, and moved in after a lengthy stay in a hotel waiting for escrow to close.

Moving to any new community has its challenges and moving to a small, rural town from a large city of over 250,000 is no exception. My husband and I didn’t grow up in large cities, at least not according to California standards, but we were excited to leave the “rat race” and live a more simple and slower paced life. We have found that in Treasure Lake. We love the view of the lake out our bedroom window, the deer who visit our back porch, and the red cardinal that perches in the tree in our backyard. The cold, we have found, isn’t so hard to get used to once you have the proper clothing. Driving in the ice and snow – we’re still struggling to master.

So why did I start the Lake News? Well, unless you count the year long stint as the page editor of my high school newspaper, I really don’t have much experience in running a newspaper. I just decided to act on the idea because it was something that I thought was missing. I wished I had a community newspaper to read so I could get to know my neighbors and find out what was going on in my community. For instance, is there a plan to fill the potholes leading to the post office? Or is there a community tree lighting for the holidays? My husband grew up in a town with a community paper that was filled with reader submissions. I really loved that idea and thought, hey, why not give it a shot!

If you haven’t noticed, Treasure Lake residents are VERY active on Facebook. There’s lots of information being shared in about a dozen different places. I was never quite sure which pages were official, which were not, or why there were so many. And it was hard to keep track of all the numerous places information is posted. So, another great reason and purpose to start a newspaper is one location for all that stuff. Stuff you want to know, stuff you don’t care much about, but it’s all right there in one place. And people who live here in Treasure Lake, or those who just come on the weekends or in the summer, can all have easy access to the happenings, news, and updates on the rogue buck who keeps doorbell ditching poor Mrs. Brown. (I just made that up, but it would be super awesome if we had a deer that doorbell ditched!)

But the most important reason I wanted to start a newspaper is to build community. And maybe others like me, who are thinking of moving here from far away, will read this newspaper and find that Treasure Lake makes a great home.

I invite you to email me at to submit your pics, stories, wedding announcements, baby announcements, club activities, good news, neighbor spotlights, business spotlights, school news, recipes, book reviews or classifieds! Email me. And if it’s news worthy and appropriate then we’ll find a place to put it in the paper.

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