Over Two Hundred Attend TLPOA Budget Meeting Saturday

Over two hundred Treasure Lake owners turned out for the first of two public budget meetings held Saturday at the Lakeview Lodge. The second meeting will be held Monday, March 11 at 6pm at the Lakeview Lodge.

Ed Moran, president of the TLPOA board of directors, presented the proposed operating budget, capital budget and schedule of fees and charges for the fiscal year 2019-2020. Packets with the information Moran presented were distributed to those in attendance.

Several items and new information were introduced including the announcement that Bluewater Management Group, Inc, owner of Red River Roadhouse in Clarion, will be taking over all Food, Beverage and event services at TLPOA beginning May 1, 2019. Treasure Lake is finalizing a lease agreement and event rental fee structure with Bluewater. “TLPOA has been operating the food, beverage and event services at a loss for several years. The restructuring will allow us to finally be back in the black and earn revenue that we have missed out on the past few years,” explained Moran.

The 2019 fee assessment proposed by the board increases dues from $1,070 to $1,175. A new pool fee of $125 per family and $75 per individual is also proposed along with a tennis membership fee of $50 per family and $25 per individual. Cayman site rental prices are proposed to increase while cabin rental prices decrease approximately $10 per night. Other changes include decreasing Junior Golf Membership from $185 to $50 for property owners and increasing other golf fees.

An alternative plan presented by Moran is to eliminate marine vessel fees, dock fees, ATV and golf cart registration fees, etc. in exchange for a higher flat assessment fee. Owners would still need to register and sticker their boats, vehicles, etc, for identification purposes but there would be no cost to do so. Proposed pool membership fee would be eliminated and a tiered reduced golf membership fee would be introduced. Switching to a flat fee is projected to lead to a decrease in administrative costs and may enhance real estate marketing in Treasure Lake.

Owner questions and comments contained themes including: building capital reserves, decreasing expenditures, plans for revenue generation, maintenance, expectations for future assessment increases, and KOA expenditures.

The second budget meeting on March 11 will mirror the first. The vote to adopt the budget will take place no later than March 14. If the budget is not passed, another public meeting will take place with an alternative budget and a new vote will take place no later than three days after that meeting. A new budget must be adopted no later March 21.

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  1. Placing a higher assessment on all property owners that may not use the camp ground, the lakes nor golf is wrong. Plus the fact that each additional increase will be a percentage of the higher assessment.

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