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TACO Tuesday – FAT Tuesday. 
Lakeview Lodge in…
Beautiful Treasure Lake

Last night my dining companions and I decided to stay within the borders of Treasure Lake.

Since the beloved Ski Lodge is closed (and I hope it is temporarily so) and seeing how Duffers is now being renovated our only choice to break bread is at the Lake View Lodge.

We ordered such delicacies as Gumbo,made by our chef, that was outstanding and we received a large bowl which was filled with Tons of delicious Gumbo. I’m not exaggerating, when I tell you that it IS the best Gombo I ever had anywhere.

Of course it would not be called Taco Tuesday at the Lakeview if we didn’t have tacos. They were awsome, very delicious and so reasonably priced….and the Margaritas topped off another wonderful evening with friends..

It did my heart good to see how many people braved the cold weather to enjoy an evening with friends and neighbors.

Do yourself a favor, if you have never tried Chef Scott’s wonderful Gumbo you’re missing out!!!!!

And only one more thing to add …..the funnel cakes looked awesome, I however did not have 1 but our sweet – toothed companion did and he did not say if he liked them or not but I must assume he did because there was not a crumb left on his plate 🙂 !!!

Submitted by Bill Morell

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