“Reach A Neighbor” Program Matches Caring Treasure Lake Neighbors to Neighbors in Need

Treasure Lake resident and author, Krissy Gasbarre launched the ‘Reach A Neighbor’ program because she saw a need for stronger relations between community members. Last spring’s Community Clean-Up day showed her what a long way feel-good initiatives like this can go in promoting a genuine sense of neighborhood and creating a collective sense of contentment. These focuses don’t have to take any money or a ton of time—just true caring and some experience to organize them effectively.

Gasbarre has always had a soft spot for the older population, which a couple of her books demonstrate. “There are a lot of retirees who live on my road,” Gasbarre indicated, “and I am always really touched at the kindness and wisdom they share with me.” She continued, “I have a friend who lives out of town whose mother lives in the lake, and when we had those terrible winds during the last weekend in February, I just quickly reached out to my friend to see if her mom needed to be checked on. She informed me that her mother was fine, but said it meant so much to know that someone nearby was looking out for her in the event of something unfortunate.”

“A true community,” Gasbarre shared, “goes out of their way to care for each other. There’s a big opportunity here for us to focus on that.”

Already, Gasbarre has received contact from a number of property owners who said they’d be willing to help others. “It’s really wonderful to see the kindness and caring we live among,” she says. “I think our challenge is going to be getting those signed up who might benefit from this program.” Some people might not want to call this kind of attention to themselves; others might not have access to regular internet to know this is being organized. Gasbarre plans to promote it accordingly and hope residents will help spread the word. “It’s not just a good deed. Potentially, something like this could save a life,” says Gasbarre.

If you’d like to sign up to support a neighbor or if you’d like to sign up for support yourself, email

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