Wanted: SoapBox Derby Racers Ages 7-20

Learn about a super, fun opportunity for kids ages 7-20 at the DuBois Public Library Tuesday, March 12 from 6-7:30pm. See the cars, learn about the program & get ready to race! If your child is interested in racing, there are opportunities for them to race this season, and possibilities for them to use cars for the local races.

The SoapBox Derby is an Intro event for kids ages 7-20 that are interested in SoapBox Derby Car racing. The city of DuBois has a small track in town and a local group for the All-American Soapbox racing. This event will have a representative of the All-American Soapbox Derby, Parents, and racers to talk about their experiences, show off the cars, and attendees can sit in the cars and learn all about SoapBox. Kids build their cars to the standards listed in the rules, then get to gravity race the cars on tracks around the area. Last year kids raced in DuBois, Bellefonte, and Howard. This year they’re hoping to go to Ohio to race in the National races.

The DuBois Public Library is located at 31 S Brady Street in DuBois.

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