Highland Park Honey Presents at Ladies of the Lake Luncheon

Bob Michaels from Highland Park Honey presents at Ladies of the Lake luncheon.

Bob Michaels from Highland Park Honey presented at the Ladies of the Lake luncheon last week to over forty club members and guests. His presentation included information on bee keeping, hive and bee population health, and the process to create honey. Honeycomb samples were distributed along with a blind taste test of Highland Park Honey against three other store-bought honeys. Bob answered questions about bee keeping, different types of bees (queen, drone, worker) and how he captures swarms and relocates them to his hives. Highland Park Honey makes honey and other products such as beeswax candles and is available at local retailers such as Ace Hardware, Hanzley’s Garden Center, Palumbo’s Meats and Save-a-Lot. Thank you to Bob for coming out and sharing his local business and his delicious honey.

Highland Park Honey is sold at local retailers in DuBois

The Ladies of the Lake typically meet the first Wednesday of each month at noon at the Lakeview Lodge for lunch and a speaker. Lunch is $13 and includes an entree and dessert. April 3 Martha Bloom from Martha’s Gourds will be presenting. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by March 29 to Cyndi Kimball at (949) 315-5211 or follow us on Facebook

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