Beginners Photoshop Class at Winkler Art Gallery and Education Center

Winkler Art Gallery & Education Center is offering a beginners Photoshop Class consisting of 3 days of learning from professional artists with exhibits in the Gallery Classes are March 21 (5-7:30 pm), 22 (5-7:30 pm) and Mar 23 (10 am – 2 pm) the fee is $75.

This workshop will focus on introducing Beginners to the tools, techniques and creativity of Photoshop.  A basic introduction to the essential elements of Photoshop will happen during the first two sessions.  This will include working with tools, working with type, layering, blending masking and selecting.   The last session will focus on using those elements to create something unique from photos presented by the leaders or ones brought by students.  The students will have one picture printed and matted for them to take home after the classes are finished.  

When done with this workshop the students will be comfortable with the basics of Photoshop and how to use it to create beautiful images for themselves.

Register today at the or call 814-715-1775 for more information:

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