PA Department of Labor Reimburses Employers Hiring Interns

State/Local Internship Program (SLIP), Workforce Solutions for North Central PA, Inc. was awarded funding from the PA Department of Labor and Industry to support the 2019 State/Local Internship Program (PA SLIP) in our six-county region.

The goal of SLIP is to expose our youth to the many opportunities in our region that will encourage them to stay or return after post-secondary education providing our employers with a workforce into the future. Eligible employers include for-profit and/or non-profit employers.

Employers are responsible for the recruitment and hiring of interns upon application approval. Eligible interns must be between the ages of 16 and 24. The internship must pay a minimum of $10.35 per hour, be at least an 8-week experience for 37.5-40 hours per week. Employers will be reimbursed the amount of wages paid to each approved intern ($10.35 per hours X 37.5-40 hours X 8 weeks’ maximum) and must agree to submit invoices on a monthly basis.

Employers should call 814-245-1835 for an application and submit to Depending on the number of applications received a limit per employer may be determined. For additional questions, please call 814-245-1835.

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