TL Real Estate: Preparing Your Home for the Spring Market

The groundhog did not see his shadow, and the clocks have been set ahead ….looks like spring is just around the corner and so is the busy real estate season. There’s no better time to consider listing your home than spring, but if the cost of a major remodeling intimidates you with selling, fear not, we have a couple low cost or no cost ideas to put your mind at ease.

Buyers often scout properties through “drive bys” or by browsing the photos online, thus, making a strong first impression is key. We want buyers out of their cars and into your houses, so catching their attention with curbside appeal is everything!

The garden and yard should look pleasant with flower beds weeded, the lawn mowed, and shrubs trimmed. Make sure your gutters, roof, siding and decks are clean and free of debris or moss. Be wary of peeling paint inside or out of the house. The front door should be clean and inviting. You can even make it pop with some fresh paint, a new welcome mat, and a door wreath. Fresh garden flowers and flower baskets add icing to the cake, providing an inviting and comfortable effect.

Before potential buyers enter your home, make sure coats and shoes are tidied away, overhead lights and ceiling fans are dusted, and carpets should be vacuumed and stain free. A slip cover works well in masking furniture that has seen better days. By adding a few accent colored throw pillows you can change the rooms appearance. We want buyers to have a clean slate so that they can visualize personalizing their potential new home, so those scarlet red walls that you have always loved, might not bring the buyer the same kind of happiness. If a repaint is in the budget, its best to use neutral colors.

Remember to declutter! Less is best! Remove oversized furniture and make sure furnishings are proportional to the size of the room. Items with sentimental value such as photos, religious items, children’s trophies, and artwork should be packed away and readied for their new destination. Now would also be a good time to check off items on that “honey do” list – tighten loose knobs, fix leaky faucets, patch up nail holes, remove peeling wall paper, and clean out your garage, basement and closets.

It’s easy to update a home on a budget just by making small changes; changing fixtures, faucets, and cupboard knobs and handles in your kitchen; fresh paint for the rooms; and, new towel racks and shower curtains for the bathrooms.

Showing day preparations…

Today isn’t the day to make bacon for breakfast or fish for lunch. Be sure to use scents that are neutral and comforting – the scent of freshly baked bread, a fresh pot of coffee, or fresh flowers are a few ideas to get you going. Pet odors (litter boxes etc) and musty odors should be eliminated (buyers often associate musty smells with mold).

It’s important to set the right mood and ambience, so set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Let some natural light in , put up blinds, clean your windows, and turn on lamps in dimly lit rooms. Don’t forget the usual tidying: dust off surfaces and appliances, mop the floors, empty the trash cans, close the toilet lid, hang clean towels in the bath, straighten bedspreads, and wipe off counter tops and the kitchen table.

You don’t have to break the bank with these low cost and no cost ideas to make your home more appealing for the potential buyers. All you need are these small adjustments and you’ll be well on your way to closing a deal and heading off to your new home.

Brenda Straw, Realtor
Hoffer Realty Associates 814-541-6406 kes154@yahoo.com

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