Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club Has New Sign

Newly installed Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club Sign on Coral Reef.

A new Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club welcoming sign was installed on Friday, March 23 on Coral Reef Road. The old sign, with Smokey the Bear, had been greeting residents for about 15 years, and was removed when work was being done on the new security building.  With the installation of the Fire Wise Smokey the Bear sign, the Sportsman’s Club returned Smokey to his den at the Cayman Landing Clubhouse.

The Logo on the new sign “Preserving Nature & Wildlife for a Lifestyle to Treasure” was the winning motto of a contest that the Club held. The winning motto was submitted by David Small. David won a free membership to the club for the 2019 calendar year.

For more information on the Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club visit their webpage

Rege Huerbin, a club member, helping to anchor the former club sign to the clubhouse railing.

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