TL News Section Paused Until TLPOA Clarifies Position

The Lake News along with the popular community Facebook page, TL Property Owners, has been asked to cease sharing any and all information sent to owners and residents from the TLPOA. While it is the Lake New’s understanding that there is no restriction to sharing information regarding events and activities taking place at Treasure Lake, we have chosen to pause the TL News section until clarification from the Board or GM can be obtained.

According to the TLPOA – Disclosure of Information Statement approved in March 2018 by the Board of Directors, “the Association has the right to define what information matters will be promulgated into the wider public arena.” However, it also states, “there will continue to be events and activities taking place at Treasure Lake, about which it will be important to advise the greater community; our statement concerning the release of information in no way intends to restrict the sharing of such information.”

The Lake News intends to work toward a resolution and working relationship with the Association thereby we might work together rather than against each other for the betterment of our community.

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  1. Umm…first ammendment? You cant alienate that omni.
    Freedom of the press…freedom of speech…not to mention. That this makes you look even shadier than you did before. We’re property owners. You cant shut us out.

  2. TL Property Owners page , did a great job posting events, and sharing information. Hopefully with all the changes taking place, we can find a solution that works for everyone.

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