Letter From Bo Lockwood, New Food and Beverage Vendor

Bluewater Management Group President, Bo Lockwood, has taken over food and beverage services at Treasure Lake.

My name is Bo Lockwood, and I am the President of Bluewater Management Group, a locally owned group. Bluewater Management Group is not affiliated with TLPOA or Omni Management and is instead a stand alone business.

Since birth, I have lived in the Brookville area; my grandparents owned property inside the lake. I have spent many of my childhood summers fishing and boating on the property. I would like the property owners to recognize me by my name, Bo, and not Bluewater Management (my legal business name).

Recent changes at Treasure Lake have had a positive and negative connotation for many. I would like to reassure you that we, the food and beverage providers, are working super hard to make Duffers’ Tavern, the 19th Hole, Poolside Tiki bar, and any event that is held at the Lakeview Lodge an appealing experience that has not only great food and service, but is aesthetically appealing as well. We have many great plans to move forward however we need time and your support to move them forward.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to speak with many residents who have shared their feelings with me. I want everybody to know that I too share many of those same feelings and always consider them as we move forward. Treasure Lake has great assets to it; being able to enjoy yourself dining within the gates should be one of them.

Please come to the April 1st meeting. I look forward to meeting with you and hope to answer any food and beverage questions that you may have and discuss upcoming changes and plans for the immediate future. Thank you!

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