Aqua PA Invested $28.7 Million to Upgrade Infrastructure Throughout Western Pennsylvania in 2018

Aqua Pennsylvania has announced that it completed $28.7 million of strategic water and wastewater system upgrades to rebuild and replace aging water and wastewater infrastructure in western Pennsylvania last year.

“As a leading water utility, our number one priority is to deliver safe, quality drinking water and reliable water and wastewater services to our customers,” said Jim Willard, Aqua Pennsylvania Western Division area manager.

“Throughout western Pennsylvania, our crews made necessary improvements to update water and wastewater treatment facilities, including distribution and collection systems, to ensure our customers have dependable infrastructure in place.

“Water and wastewater infrastructure in our industry is in critical need of replacement and Aqua is proud to play its part in addressing this challenge proactively.”

Aqua’s improvements will increase service reliability, water flow and ensure the continued delivery of quality drinking water and treatment of wastewater to protect our environment.

Among the work that was done last year, a significant amount was completed at Aqua’s Treasure Lake system, for both wastewater and water.

The Treasure Lake Wastewater treatment plant upgrade project involved the consolidation of two existing facilities.

The West wastewater treatment facility had its treatment capacity doubled and several new upgrades to the process and disinfection areas of the plant, including a new building to house its increased ultraviolet disinfection equipment and other equipment that enables remote monitoring and operation of the facility.

The East wastewater treatment plant was converted into an equalization tank and screening facility, which enabled the expansion of the West wastewater treatment plant.

Also, crews began to upgrade the Bimini Well at Treasure Lake to provide additional treatment for removal of dissolved gasses in a recently established well source.

The project includes installation of equipment to improve treatment and the capability to pump the full capacity of the well to provide more water to all customers in the Bimini Lake area as well as throughout the entire Treasure Lake system.

Across Pennsylvania, Aqua invested more than $247 million in infrastructure in 2018 alone. Aqua plans to spend $323 million on water and wastewater system improvements in 2019.

Throughout Pennsylvania, the company serves approximately 1.4 million people in 32 counties.

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