Best Selling Book at DuBois Mall Written by Local Author – Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine

The stunning statistics speak for themselves: 500 million tweets a day get sent each day from the 326 million monthly active Twitter users. On Instagram, more than 100 million photos and videos get uploaded each day, adding to the total of more than 50 billion photos shared to date.

Many researchers say the sheer speed and quantity of these posts, from life-is-perfect photos to soul-shredding criticisms, contributes to rising anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem.

In his newly released book, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era, local author R. Christian Bohlen offers a somewhat surprising and timeless solution. 

The book doesn’t bash social media; instead, Bohlen proposes that people connect with their eternal value and worth by taking a fresh look at the life of Christ and to see how His life helps us rise above the negative effects of our times.   

Terrific Support from Bradley’s Book Outlet

“Bradley’s Book Outlet in the DuBois Mall has been a huge supporter of this book,” Bohlen told the Lake News recently. 

“I recently learned that it’s been the 2nd best selling title in the entire store since we first offered it in mid-December! I was beyond excited by that. And I have to express a huge thanks and kudos to the salespeople at Bradley’s. 

“They’ve given the book premium placement, talk about it all the time, and many of them have read it and love it! What more could a local author ask for?”

Why Did He Write It? 

Bohlen recalls, “The whole idea for this book started when I worked at Abraxas I in Marienville back in the 1990s. One of my students was trying to read a Bible someone had given him and he was frustrated. ‘I can’t understand it!’ he told me. At the time I was reading a terrific scholarly book about the life of Christ. That’s when I decided to either find or write something that made the life of Jesus simple, understandable and like a movie for those who may not know a lot about Christ or the Bible.”

Author, Christian Bohlen (left) with Larry Carpenter, CEO of Carpenter’s Son Publishing

How Is It Unique?

“People read, think, interact, and absorb information differently in the Twitter Era. I can see it in myself too! People are busier and less willing and able to read the many longer classic books about the life of Christ. When my publisher first read this, his response was, “This book is sorely needed today.” (Larry Carpenter, CEO of Carpenter’s Son Publishing is a former senior executive at Thomas Nelson/Zondervan, a division of Harper Collins, and a former board member of the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association.)

Bohlen reveals his connectedness to the modern mindset as he walks his readers through the life of Christ in a startlingly fresh, non-judgmental way that doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the Bible while creating a movie-like experience. 

The short chapters unfold the scenes of Christ’s life from birth-to-resurrection while demystifying aspects of ancient Jewish life in simple language to make sense to the modern reader, especially for those not raised in the church.

Most chapters include sidebar sections to clarify quoted scripture or its applications and each chapter concludes with “His Life and Mine” summary points of what Jesus did, followed by questions for self-reflection: “What Would I Do?”

Along the way, he gently asks the reader to consider how Christ’s life might intersect with their own and offer hope and light.

“Even in the Twitter era, Jesus shows the way up and out of the darkness so that we can become what we were meant to become,” Bohlen writes. “He restores peace, happiness, and a sense of our self-worth that’s divine and untouchable compared to worldly wisdom with its fickle infatuations.”

How are People Responding? 

“I couldn’t be more pleased by the reviews on Amazon,” Bohlen told us. “Not only are they enjoying the reading experience but many are saying that it has motivated them to truly follow Jesus more fully. Does it get any more meaningful than that?

A recent Kirkus review praised Bohlen for his “eloquent and inviting prose” and summarized the review by calling the book, “A bracingly enthusiastic example of modern-day Christology.” (Kirkus Reviews is a world-renown book review organization, respected for their high standards of literary quality.)

Just this past week, Bohlen received a “Starred Review” from BlueInk, which distinguishes the book as “notable” and calls Bohlen a “gifted writer” and describes the writing on the Beatitudes in particular as “superb.”

About the Author

Bohlen, who is a longtime resident of the Marienville, PA area, is a professional communicator driven to simplify and clarify the beauties of the life of Christ so that they can be understood by anyone, regardless of background or knowledge of scripture. 

He is an award-winning consultant to Fortune 500 companies, providing instructional design services and developing human performance improvement programs. He has been involved in ministry and church leadership for more than 30 years and worked for over a decade with juvenile offenders.

The Prison Ministry

He recently launched a new prison ministry in conjunction with the book called “Christ on the Inside,” which donates copies of his new book to those who are incarcerated.   

Copies of this book have been placed into every state prison in the PA Department of Corrections and books are now being placed into the FL State Correctional system. 

Any size donation is welcome. Visit

Where Can I Find it?

In the DuBois area, the paperback book is exclusively available at Bradley’s Book Outlet in the DuBois Mall. 

The audiobook (narrated by the author) and ebook are available at Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and virtually any ebook retailer. 

For more information, visit You can like/follow the author on his Facebook page by searching on “hislifeandmine” and click Like. Or, email him directly at

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How it Applies to Us in the Twitter Era, [ISBN 978-1-949572-00-1] with paperback format released on April 2, 2019 from Carpenter’s Son Publishing.   

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