This Day in Treasure Lake History March 1974 – Treasure Lake Donates Land to Interdenominational Church

Reprinted from the Treasure Chest March-April 1974

Treasure Lake’s donation of nearly two acres of land to the Interdenominational Church at Treasure Lake, DuBois, PA provides a site for the building church members hope to erect one day.

Early this year, Treasure Lake President W.L. Ward executed the document donating the land, which is adjacent to the campgrounds and parking area that is located across the road from the tennis courts and Ski Lodge at the DuBois development.

Since 1972, when several Treasure Lake property owners formally organized the Interdenominational Church body, Sunday services have been held outdoors on the ski slopes, weather permitting, or in the Country Club social rooms during cold weather.

Held every Sunday at 10am, the services feature lay speakers, priests, ordained ministers, and rabbis who come from all over Pennsylvania and other states. “Our congregation consists of people of all faiths, and we have different speakers from each faith,” explains James W. Calvert, Church Treasurer.

Calvert, an architect with his own firm – Calvert Lumber Company in Sharon, PA – drives the 100 miles from his home in Sharon to Treasure Lake every weekend. He and his wife, Betty, who are the parents of seven children ranging in age from 16 to 30, have been property owners for four years and own a home on Treasure Lake Road at the site.

Other Interdenominational Church leaders serving with Calvert include: James M Snyder, Chairman and Leader, and his wife Eleanor, church pianist; Russ Harris, Vice Chairman; Mrs. Alvassa Gardiner, Recording Secretary; and Mrs. Betty Swope, Corresponding Secretary.

“Our church is unique in that we have both lay and ordained ministers speaking. The interdenominational services have been very popular – whatever our faith, we’re all working for the same purpose,” Calvert observes.

The number of those attending the Sunday services attests to their appeal. “We’ve had over 200 people at services on the ski slopes,” he adds. “Since Treasure Lake is a recreational area, our church services are very informal – children attend with their parents, and people bring folding chairs with them for seating during outdoor services. We’ve had beautiful letter from property owners about the services.”

Choirs and singing groups from DuBois, other local communities, and from other states also attend services, and music is provided by Mrs. Snyder, who plays on the portable electric piano purchased by the church, and by residents who play guitar.

The Snyders, who recently retired to their home on Anguilla Road at Treasure Lake, have been involved in the church leadership since the first services were held at Treasure in May, 1972. They have also been active in interdenominational church work for years in their hometown of Canton, Ohio. The couple has two married daughters and four grandchildren.

“Through our church work in Ohio we have been most fortunate in knowing outstanding speakers who have been willing to come great distances to speak to the congregation at Treasure Lake,” Mrs. Snyder offers.

Plans for building a facility to house these speakers and the congregation are tentative at present, although the church as approximately $3,000 in its’ building fund, according to Calvert. “Right now we want to clear and beautify our lot,” he says.

Mrs. Snyder adds, “Treasure Lake has always been a beautiful place to play, and now it is a beautiful place to worship.”

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