Sandy Township Police Reports – Mar 29-31

March 29, 2019

A vehicle driven by St. Mary’s man backed into a vehicle driven by a Fall River, MA woman in the Walmart parking lot. No injuries and minor to moderate damage reported.

A 58 year old woman reported an unknown individual used her account to purchase a new cell phone worth $1,200 in New Jersey. Investigation continues.

A 40 year old Circle Road man reported that his grandchild’s mother came to his residence to see the child and he didn’t want her there. Officers handled the situation without incident without incident.

A 28 year old Tozier Ave woman reported that while she was backing out of a parking space at Walmart, another vehicle was also backing up and the two hit. The woman did not get the other driver’s information.

March 30, 2019

False alarm at S&T Bank

A 60 year old man reported that a vehicle that did not have a visible handicapped placard was parking in a handicap spot in the Save A Lot parking lot and he was blocking the vehicle. Upon arrival officers found the vehicle owner to be a 90 year old Korean War Veteran who did have a valid placard that he had not displayed.

March 31, 2019

A 29 year old woman lost control of her vehicle on Rockton Road near David Reed Road when a deer ran out in front of her. The vehicle traveled across the road, where it left the pavement, causing it to slide, and strike an embankment which caused the vehicle to roll over onto its roof. Minor injuries and moderate damage to the vehicle reported. The woman showed signs of impairment and when she was
transported to the hospital a legal blood draw was done. Charges pending.

False alarm at Aldi

A 27 year old DuBois woman reported that while her vehicle was parked on Wilson Ave. it was hit and damaged. There was damage to the driver’s front wheel, fender doors and rear fender with a white or
silver paint transfer. The offending driver did not leave any contact information.

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