Public Safety Message From TLPOA Emergency Preparedness Workgroup

Spring is here at Treasure Lake, along with all the post winter activities focusing on outside preparations for renewal. We are cleaning the yards and flower beds, picking up deadfall and raking leaves. Springtime pleasure in Pennsylvania!

While we may still see snow piles melting, and we experience the wet spring mud and rain season, we should also be aware that this is the start of the most dangerous fire season in this area. 

SPRING IS PEAK WILDFIRE SEASON IN PENNSYLVANIA!  The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reports that eighty-five percent of the wildfires in the state occur during the months of March, April and May. DCNR foresters and regional Forest Fire Wardens are urging residents to be extra careful.

Without the full canopy tree leaf cover in Treasure Lake, these sunny days bake the ground cover and spring breezes quickly create fire hazard. In only hours, the top leaf cover becomes highly combustible; in as little as 10 hours, the twigs and tree deadfall become major fire combustibles.  “You’d think that the woods would have some protection from fire because of all the snow we’ve had this winter, but while the ground might be moist, what’s on top may not be”, states District Fire Warden Larry Bickel. He points out that the leaf layer, the leaf litter in our yards and the fine fuels dry out the quickest. These materials carry fire very fast. These fine fuels and winds create the dangerous situation. “All it takes is a spark, and 99 percent of the time that is supplied by people burning yard waste, lighting campfires or creating small engine sparks from gasoline motors”, according to Bickel.

Residents are reminded that yard waste and leaves may not be burned as a method of disposal in Treasure Lake. Such items may be bagged for pickup or may be taken to the Stump Dump. The NorthPoint Fire Company has helped create the Firewise Community Plan for Treasure Lake; they are prepared to respond to wildfires, but the responsibility for springtime wildfire safety rests with every resident of our community. As Smokey Bear says,’ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES’.

Have a great spring cleanup, enjoy our great forested outdoors and be a responsible citizen. If you need to report a wildfire, call 911. If you observe someone burning yard waste, call the Security Department at 913-1460. Do your part for community safety!

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