Take A Book, Leave A Book – Philosophy Behind the Little Free Library Movement

The Treasure Lake-Lake Bimini Little Free Library (LFL) located at 2681 Carribean Road opened for business in October 2017! Library Steward, Judy Smith, started the library out of her love for books. “I personally have a Kindle app, however, there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands! Plus, my friends were getting tired of me trying to pass off my books to them!

Judy’s LFL has a beagle theme, with the bookplates and the handle of the door having pictures of beagles and paw prints. The Smiths have always had beagles as pets, and currently own two, Holly and Shy Girl (adopted from Mt. Nittany beagle Rescue). The LFL has a guest book and she enjoys reading through all of the notes, especially those from children.

Judy tries to keep books in the library for Children, Young Adults and adults. And is looking forward to the better weather when she can fill up her LFL Wagon and have an even better selection out during the day-light hours.

The books come from a variety of sources. It started off with her personal collection and books that she has purchased in yard sales, library/book sales around the city and even ebay. She has been receiving donations of books which really helps a lot, but, always seems to be short on children’s books! Sometimes there will be bags or boxes of books just sitting on her front porch when she comes home!

All of the books contain the “Treasure Lake-Lake Bimini” stamp and hard back books also contain a book plate for which enables you to record a book’s “travels” as it passes from reader to reader.

Many stewards will visit other LFLs in their travels. Leaving their stamped books behind as a calling card. “My library was the first registered LFL in the DuBois area and now there are 3 others that I know of.” Libraries do not have to be registered with the National Organization, however, you must be
registered to be listed on the Worldwide Map which can be found at:

The Little Free Library phenomenon began in 2009 when Todd H. Bol created the first Little Free Library book exchange and placed it in his Hudson, Wisconsin, front yard in tribute to his mother, who had been a teacher.

Ten years later, his idea has snowballed into a worldwide book-sharing movement. There are now more than 80,000 Little Free Libraries in all 50 states and 90+ countries, from Argentina to Zambia.

Because of these Little Free Libraries, more than 120 million books have been shared and thousands of neighbors have connected for the first time!

Come visit the Treasure Lake-Lake Bimini Little Free Library and see what it’s all about!

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