Twenty-five Residents Licensed to Operate Emergency Communication Systems in Treasure Lake

General License Holders passed the second level FCC license exam.
Left to right: Bob Gomola, Jim Corp, Judy Smith, Lee Yeany, Warren Baker and John Huot

The Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club Amateur (Ham) Radio Group is developing and operating an independent emergency communication system in Treasure Lake, in the event that the electrical grid, internet, and/or cell phone systems are not operable. The system is based upon the use of amateur radio technology, which requires an FCC license to fully operate. Monitoring (listening) to the communications requires no license, just scanner type radios that cover the VHF/UHF radio bands.

The Technician Class license is the first of three license levels required for Amateur (Ham) Radio operation and primarily covers operating on the VHF/UHF bands, which is used for local community communications. The next license levels are General and Amateur Extra, both having privileges to broadcast on HF Bands which are used for medium and long range communications.

Individuals that passed the first level license exam
Left to right:  Dan Sell, Larry Goglin, Lee Yeany

Lee Yeany passed both the Technician and General Level tests on the same day!

Following an eight week Study Group Session, the TLSC Ham Group’s second FCC License Examination Session was conducted on Sunday, March 31, 2019, with eight people earning Technician and General Class license upgrades.

Treasure Lake now has twenty-five Amateur Radio operators that are licensed to operate the emergency communication systems being implemented, with private equipment, by the TLSC Ham Group.

Future License Study Groups and Test Sessions are planned and will be scheduled as needed. To learn more about Amateur Radio and the TLSC Ham Group, contact us

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