Do You Have Water In Your Basement?

Do you have water in your basement?

Water coming into your basement needs to be addressed from the outside before you can fix it on the inside. Fixing just the inside is like putting a Band-Aid on the Grand Canyon. It won’t solve anything.

Water coming into your basement means that water is coming through cracks in your foundation blocks. That leads to deterioration over time and eventually they will crumble and fall apart. Once that happens, your foundation will need to be dug up and replaced. That’s not a cheap fix. Stopping the water from coming through the foundation now will prevent major problems down the line, which can ultimately be very expensive. French drains and waterproofing now is a much less expensive way of controlling the water and directing it away from the foundation so it doesn’t have the opportunity to flow inside your home. If you’re selling your home, having water problems in the basement can greatly affect the selling price.

That kind of moisture in your basement also causes mold, health issues, breathing problems, allergies, etc. Aside from that, running a dehumidifier or sump pump can raise your electric bill substantially over the course of a year.

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