Local Author Sees Success with Prison Ministry

Author, R. Christian Bohlen with Sharon, owner of addiction recovery center, Women at the Well in Corsica, PA.

Local author, R. Christian Bohlen, never saw this coming so soon. “We just received a $500 donation to “Christ on the Inside!” Bohlen reported to the Lake News last Saturday, April 13, referring to his signature charity as an author, which donates his book at no profit into prisons who have requested them. The donor is a business owner from the Brookville area who has donated before and believes in this book’s ability to lift and save lives. “With Easter just around the corner, I think the donor wanted to share the story of Jesus with others; I know he really loves the Lord.”

“In the past few months, I’ve received requests in writing for over 1500 books from facilities in PA and FL,” Bohlen told us. “One of the directors of the chaplaincy for the state correctional system in Florida reviewed the book and recommended it to every chaplain in the state. Emailed requests for many books streamed in for days. It will take a while to fulfill all of those requests. It’s so exciting because some of those facilities plan to give the copies to inmates to keep–not just place them in their libraries.”

About the Book

The book, “Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine” was just released April 2, 2019 with a goal of making the life and teachings of Jesus Christ simple, relatable, and accessible for busy modern readers. 

Bohlen worked in juvenile corrections in Marienville, PA for over 12 years and it shaped his life and thinking significantly. “I never forgot about prisoners and addicts in prisons as I was writing the book. I wanted to make it easy, loving, non-judgemental, and educational. Prisoners often don’t have very good reading skills and know little about the Bible. So this book is just perfect to help them gain a testimony of Christ by walking with Him through the whole story of His life.”

Donations to Date

Previous donations include a dozen books to the highly successful local Christian women’s addiction recovery facility, Women at the Well, in Corsica, PA.

Also, every prison in the State Correctional Institute system of Pennsylvania has received at least one copy of the book. (See Facebook video here.)

Every prison in the State Correctional Institute system of Pennsylvania has received at least one copy of “Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine” by local author R. Christian Bohlen.

Below are some excerpts from the author’s Prison Ministry page. Visit to learn more or to donate! Just $2 can help put a book into the hands of inmates. 

Why this Book and Why Not the Bible?

Clearly, reading scripture is more important than reading other books.

But here’s the real deal:

  • Many prisoners don’t have the background to understand the Bible. Even “easy,” modern Bible translations are hard to understand without the guidance of spiritual advisors, pastors, etc.
  • Many prisoners have lower than average reading skills.
  • Applying scripture to our personal lives is not easy. It often takes explicit guidance to make it relevant.

Why This Book Works (for Prisoners and the Whole Twitter Generation)

  • The vocabulary is simple.
  • It assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible.
  • It’s designed for people with low attention spans (like most of us nowadays).
  • It’s like a guided tour with a caring mentor who pulls the reader aside and explains things.
  • It helps readers get comfortable with the language of scripture.
  • Most importantly, it points out what Jesus did in his life and invites the reader to compare that to his or her own life. This stimulates communication from the Holy Spirit which (1) testifies that Jesus was truly the Son of God and (2) inspires the desire to be like Jesus.

Visit to learn more about the author, the book, and the prison ministry. 

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