FirstEnergy Makes it Easy to Save Energy and Help the Environment

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Earth Day is a great time to start thinking about ways you can help the environment, as well as making smarter decisions about your energy use. From making simple energy-efficient improvements in the home to responsibly recycling your appliances, FirstEnergy’s utilities offer many convenient ways you can start saving both energy and money.

Did you know you can save up to $150 per year in energy costs by recycling an old inefficient refrigerator? Plus, responsibly recycling it will ensure that the materials are safely disposed of and used to make other everyday products, like cell phones, computers, beverage containers and even the roads that we drive on.

So if you have an energy-wasting second fridge that’s still running, or your main fridge is in need of an upgrade, consider recycling it. FirstEnergy’s utilities can even come pick it up for you and give you $50 for it.

In addition to appliance recycling, you can sign up to receive an energy conservation kit, which includes a variety of LED bulbs and other energy-saving equipment to help you start saving energy right away. To take your efficiency to the next level, consider having your home’s energy use evaluated by a certified auditor. In a home energy audit, a professional can assess your home’s energy efficiency, including your HVAC system, insulation and windows, as well as conduct a blower door test to detect air leaks.

These and other energy efficiency programs, incentives and tips are available at your state’s energy efficiency page:


Incentive Programs

Programs for Limited Income Customers

Energy Efficiency Tools, Tips and Products

*This is a link to a third-party site. The site is maintained by the third-party vendors administering these programs on behalf of Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, and West Penn Power (FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities). 

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