Dozen DuBois Kids Waiting for Mentors

Children’s Aid Society Youth Mentoring is seeking volunteer mentors in the DuBois area. Youth Mentoring matches local youth with local adult mentors that provide the child with extra support and encouragement as well as exposing them to activities or events that are new to them. There are currently 12 kids waiting for mentors in DuBois.

Does Youth Mentoring work?

Youth who meet regularly with a mentor are less involved with drugs and alcohol, do better in school, and have better relationships with parents and peers than youth who are not in a mentoring program.

Researchers found that youth matched in the program are:

  • 46 percent less likely to start using drugs and 27 percent less likely to start drinking
  • 33 percent less likely to hit someone
  • 52 percent less likely to skip a day of school and percent less likely to skip a class
  • more trusting of their parents and guardians, less likely to lie to them and feel more supported and less criticized by their peers and friends.

The Children’s Aid Society mission is to “identify and provide services to improve the lives of children and their families.” They have been serving local families since 1890 and last year helped 1,352 children and adults.

Mentors must be 18 years or older and cleared through interviews, background checks, and specialized trainings. Mentoring can be very rewarding by making a difference in a child’s life forever.

Please consider becoming a mentor today! For more information, please call: (814) 765-2686 extension: 239, or email Daniel at:

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