Duffers’ Reopening Receives Warm Welcome

This morning it didn’t look likely that Duffers’ Tavern in Treasure Lake was going to be ready for dinner service by this evening. Crews were finishing up last minute items and inspectors still needed to sign off and give final approval.

“There were a lot of people sweating bullets,” said Ed Clark, general manager of Treasure Lake, referring to the last minute inspections. “The final inspection was at 2:30 and the doors opened at 4:30. It was wonderful to see everyone pull together to make this happen in just two months.”

As is common with opening a new restaurant, some kinks still need to be worked out including a couple changes with the new POS system, finishing touches on the outdoor eating area, and hanging decorations. There are also plans to repave the parking lot this summer according to Clark.

Duffers’ will open again tomorrow at 4pm and plans to open for breakfast service starting next week, according to Duffers’ employee Carol Fahy. “I’m excited to be a part of this,” Fahy said, “it really turned out great!”

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