Critic’s Corner – Duffers’ Tavern

Tonight was an exceptional night here at Treasure Lake. The much anticipated grand opening of DUFFERS RESTAURANT came at last. 

Patrons were lined up at the door waiting for the ok to come in. We were fortunate to be among the first to enter the newly remodeled building. 

The restaurant opened on MAY FIRST as anticipated.  Being redesigned it added a lot of much needed seating space.  Smiles filled the room from one end of the building to the other. Everyone was delighted with the classy way the establishment was laid out.

It took a lot of planning sweat and I’m sure a few tears but the finished product was well worth the wait!

A companion of ours was having a birthday and we surprised her with an ice cream cake after our meals.

We all enjoyed different delicacies from the menu such as, Beer Battered Fish..Baked Fish..Double Decker Reuben … Tomato Mozzarella Flat Bread .. Whiskey Mushroom Steak Tips….Dozen Boneless Wings and Golden Dipped Sprouts served with a horseradish  dipping sauce…and a Pretzel Basket.

The presentations of all the dishes was first class.  Everything was a delight to the eye as well as the pallet.

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful place to meet family and friends. After all, living here in this beautiful bounty of nature we call home ..we now have something to be very proud of. It would be a mistake not to patronize this fine facility here in our own back yard.

The meal prices, at Duffers, are very reasonable and can fit just about any budget and portions are generous. 

Congratulations to Bo Lockwood..( Proprietor) for an outstanding accomplishment.  I hope to see all of the residents of Treasure Lake enjoying an evening at Duffers. Tell them you read all about it from the Critic’s Corner.

Images by Bill Morell

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