Out with the Old and in with the New: Trends That Are Fading in 2019

Zillow’s design forecast is out for the year, and the results may be shocking; the rustic farmhouse style that has seemed to take over the design market appears to be on its way out. The barn doors that have been implemented all too much throughout homes and fake shiplap walls are fading out of common use. 

One style that is replacing the farmhouse look is a more modern, sleek industrial design that emphasizes raw materials and modern tech. This clean, simple aesthetic is built from glass, metal, and raw materials, as well as an incorporation of natural wall coverings, wood furniture, and handmade accents to ensure that “warm modernism” is the overall feel.

This isn’t to say that everything farmhouse chic is out the window; it’s just being blended with metallic and glass pieces to achieve a more modern feel. Further, much of the industrial vibe may come with the introduction of new smart home technology that’s exciting homeowners about voice-activated products throughout the home. This technology hike will be balanced out by an equal increase in serene, disconnected environments with sound barriers and soothing fabrics.

Another trend we’re saying goodbye to is bold color schemes. “Millennial pink” is slowly disappearing in favor of deep blues and grays – both cool and warm, or more subdued earth tones. Industrial style is bringing a resurgence of love for black and white contrast, but soft colors and asymmetrical pieces keep the design approachable and colorful. Matte black and bronze are still forerunners in the current industrial pattern, but any moody color palette is a great way to add distinction to a modern space.

Similar to bold colors, chevron prints are slowly fading out of the design world. This overused pattern has made its way onto everything from bedspreads to wallpaper, and although it adds texture and dimension to a room, it seems some homeowners have really worn the daring design trend down. Taking its place are more straightforward, subdued geometric and textured patterns that have more character. These designs are also taking a quieter route into the home, like on blankets and throw pillows, so they can easily be changed out.

The “shabby chic” school of design that is so closely related to farmhouse has also seen its best days. What once was considered eccentric and quaint once again looks worn and ratty. This might be another case of overuse; a touch of distress in a room might work, but when we transpose that idea to every element of a space, it soon gets to be too much.

Perhaps we’re seeing the end of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ reign in the world of interior design, or perhaps home trends are slowly evolving in a way that we can appreciate shiplap and barn doors from a new, more versatile perspective. Not every home is well-suited to the modern farmhouse, and 2019 trends seem to finally be recognizing that by taking more versatile styles into account. If you’re unsure of how to style your home in a way that’s both trendy and you, contact Davin Interiors today; we’d love to help you design your dream space.

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