Ladies of the Lake Donate to Chew Wanna Eat? Food Drive

     I would like to thank the wonderful Ladies of the Lake for another great donation of food which will be going to local food banks.  Currently they have donated two months in a row and I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you!

     I will have to pull the boxes from local schools and Priority First as the agreement was to leave them only for the month of April.  As long as I am allowed, I will leave the box in the POA office.  Any individual, club, or organization is welcome and encouraged to keep donating!  I will continue collecting food.  You may contact me through Chew Wanna Eat?  in Facebook or through The Lake News if you have a donation.  We’re on a roll giving back to our community.  Thank you everyone!

Gail Westover, Chew Wanna Eat?   

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