Proper Cart Placement Essential for Quick Trash Pickup

When it comes to getting rid of a smelly mess, the quicker it’s out of our sight, the better. We want to help you get your trash picked up on time, every time. Proper cart placement is essential for helping our drivers complete their routes promptly. Follow this simple three-step guide, and watch your garbage waste away.

  1. Make sure everything fits in the cart and keep the lid closed. Depending on the service guidelines for your location, materials outside of the cart may not get picked up.
  2. Roll your cart to the curb with the lid opening toward the street. This ensures side loading trucks can easily dump your cart’s contents.
  3. Keep at least three feet of space around all sides of the cart to allow our trucks easy access. Finally, keep the street clear so our drivers can easily reach your cart!

It’s the little things that can hone your pick-up schedule. At Advanced Disposal, we know that untimely pick-ups are rubbish. Thank you for helping our drivers stay on course!

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