God Loves His Church

The church is more like a family than a restaurant.

This past week Treasure Lake Church kicked off a new sermon series titled “I Love My Church.” For the next four weeks we will be talking about the themes of community, serving, giving, and sharing. These are Biblical marks of a church and should be the goal of every church member.

However, as some of us can attest to, God’s church does not always act as it should. Broken relationships, judgmental attitudes, and other difficult circumstances can sometimes characterize our interactions with God’s church. This can make saying the phrase “I love my church” difficult for many. With this in mind then, should we turn our back on the church? Should we right off the whole thing? That is the posture of many in our community. But should it be?

While acknowledging the mistakes of the past, we believe that God still loves his church and wants his church to bring him glory and thrive in the process. Mistakes happen in the church when we remove Jesus from the center and we place ourselves there. But thanks be to God he does not reject the church like we reject a restaurant after a bad meal or experience.

Rather, God looks at his church like a loving father looks at his son, acknowledging, but forgiving the mistakes of the past and continuing to love us in the good times and bad. This is not because of what we have done, but because of what Jesus did for us. What a great and awesome God we serve. In like manner then, God calls his church, those who are followers of him, to treat each other like he has treated us…like family. We all need our family and God has blessed us with the greatest family in the universe, his church. May we not neglect the family that God has given us, even if it’s not exactly how we might have ordered it.  

We at Treasure Lake Church pray you have found this brief meditation encouraging. We invite all Treasure Lake residents, and those in the surrounding community, to gather with us as we worship the God that loves his church. We are located at 1427 Bay Rd. and gather weekly for worship services on Saturday at 6:00pm (children’s ministry provided), and on Sunday at 8:30am (no children’s ministry) and 11:00am (children’s ministry provided) as well as Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 10:00am for all ages. For more information you can visit us on the web at

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