Sportsman’s Club Constructs 911 Property Signs

The Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club has volunteered for another community service project beginning in 2019, the construction and installation of the 911 property address signs.

In the past, the Treasure Lake Volunteer Fire Department handled this project as a fundraiser, however, they no longer have time needed to complete them in a timely manner.

The Sportsman’s Club researched what type of “post” design would be required by the Treasure Lake POA, Fire Department and the Clearfield County Emergency 911 Center and learned that there were no specific requirements from any agency, other than the post have reflective numbers.

The new posts will be made from 4×4 treated lumber and have reflective numbers attached to them.  There will also be a decorative Solar cap on the top. The cost will be $35, and includes installation.

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