Duffers’ Closes for Repairs, Plans to Reopen Friday

Tuesday evening, Ed Clark, General Manager of the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association addressed the closing of Duffers’ Tavern in a post on the Treasure Lake website. According to the post, the update was prompted due to “misinformation, speculation and …. blatant lies,” posted on social media regarding Duffers’ temporary closing.

Clark explained, “The issues that we are currently facing at Duffers involves the ventilation fans that draw the smoke away from the grills & fryers. We added some equipment after remodeling and later found that the fans were not drawing the smoke sufficiently out of the building. We will have the issue resolved asap, but until then, we had to close the restaurant. Safety and customer experience come first. Our parts should be here Thursday and our goal is to be back open for dinner service on Friday.”

Clark also clarified that the Duffers’ kitchen hood was not repurposed from another location, “the kitchen hood at Duffers was never removed at any point during the remodeling of the building and never came from the Ski Lodge.”

Duffers’ Tavern closed several months ago for an extensive remodel and reopened May 1 to a warm welcome. The Tavern was closed again May 12 to repair the hood ventilation system.


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