God is Righteous

“The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.” Psalm 19:7

Admitting we are wrong is one the most difficult things for most people, just ask my children. Whether it’s blatantly obvious or a full scale cover up, children…and adults, hate to admit that they are the ones at fault. By doing this they reveal something within everyone of us, a desire to be found in the right.

We were created with a sense of what is right and what is wrong. This sense is what we commonly refer to as a conscience. This is one thing that separates us from the rest of  creation, the ability to go beyond our instincts and make moral decisions pertaining to right and wrong. Which raises a good question, “Who is right?”

We live in a world where many suggest that everyone is right. We live in a world where the answers of right and wrong have become blurred and entirely subjective. This is because we have given ultimate priority to every single individual conscience. But is this true? Is this the world we really live in?

Certainly not. This is a world where reality would be meaningless and real justice elusive. Rather we live in a world full of meaning and purpose, and with the hope of justice being served because of the concept of right and wrong. This possible because of the objectiveness of the God who created everything. He is the standard of right, thus making him righteous and us subject to him.

This is fantastic news because we can rest in knowing that we have meaning, purpose, and the hope of true justice. Part of this meaning and purpose comes from being guided into God’s righteousness by the words he has given us. In the Bible it is revealed that: God alone is worthy of worship and we should not speak his name in vain, we were designed to work six days and rest one day a week, we are to honor our parents, we are not to murder each other, we are to be faithful to our spouses, we are not to take what is not ours, we are not to lie, and we are not to desire what is not ours.

These simple commands have made up the backbone of many successful societies over the past four millennia. We would do well to continue to use them as guidelines for our modern society as well. But this might require something of us that we, just like our children, find so utterly difficult…we would be forced to admit we were wrong.

This is the real challenge. We clearly see that God’s law is good and right. We know that if we follow it he will be glorified and we will be blessed. But it requires that we admit fault and act in a way that does not always feel “right” to us. We would have to admit that what we thought was right actually isn’t, and that is extremely difficult.

For that we must turn to God again and ask that he grant us the ability to see where we have gone wrong and make the necessary adjustments to come in line with his law. He has also give us the hope that if we turn to him, he will accept us on the bases of what Jesus has done on our behalf. My hope is that we all do that together, that our souls are revived by his word and put our collective future on the right path forward.

We at Treasure Lake Church pray you have found this brief meditation encouraging. We invite all Treasure Lake residents, and those in the surrounding community, to gather with us as we worship the God that is righteous. We are located at 1427 Bay Rd. and gather weekly for worship services on Saturday at 6:00pm (children’s ministry provided), and on Sunday at 8:30am (no children’s ministry) and 11:00am (children’s ministry provided) as well as Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 10:00am for all ages. For more information you can visit us on the web at

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