Sportsman’s Club Hosts NRA Women on Target Clinic for “Senior” Women

On Saturday, May 18th, the Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club in a joint venture with the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging conducted two NRA Women on Target Clinics for “Senior” Women.

The Clinics were paid for through a Senior Living grant given by the State of Pennsylvania.  This is the first time that the State has given a grant for an event such as this.

Twenty-six ladies between the ages of 55-80 participated in a four hour session which included classroom instruction and range shooting experience.  The Women learned first and foremost about safe gun handling and storage.  They also learned about the types of handguns available and calibers of ammunitions, along with how to properly clean a gun.

The shooting range portion of the class was one- on-one with a qualified instructor and for many of the women, it was their first time holding a gun!

The Sportsman’s club had 15 volunteers on hand for the event which was considered a resounding success!

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