TLPOA Safety and Road Updates

The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association would like to remind residents and guests, for the safety of both golfers and non-golfers, to please refrain from walking or jogging on golf trails during the golf course operating hours of 8am-7pm. Although the accuracy of Treasure Lake golfers is second to none, occasionally a gust of wind may divert the trajectory of the ball into the oncoming path of individuals on the trail. Treasure Lake fire department is close by and available to assist injured individuals, however, as a precaution, the TLPOA has invited guests and residents to only use the trails for walking and jogging prior to 8am and after 7pm. Individuals wishing to walk or jog the trails during operating hours wearing full body armor may contact the POA office to seek permission, however, such a sight may be distracting to golfers and permission may not be granted.

The TLPOA would also like to make residents and guests aware that there will be road maintenance beginning today on Bay Rd between the ‘T’ intersection at Bay Rd and Coral Reef going west toward the ‘4 way’ intersection at Bay Rd and Treasure Lake Rd, near the Ski Lodge. Closure of one lane is necessary to accelerate the project and the remaining lane will be open to local residents, school buses, emergency personnel and waste management. All others are asked to please find alternate routes. Work crew will be distributing leaflets to notify the deer and other wildlife of the road closure as it is assumed they do not check their email on a regular basis.

TLPOA crew will be mowing in the area of Coral Reef Rd today and drivers are asked to be cautious of work crew and equipment while this work is being performed over the next few days.

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