2019 MS Walk a Success Despite the Weather

140 people showed up for the 2019 DuBois MS Walk held at Lakeview Lodge despite the rain.
Photo by Jackie Small

The 2019 DuBois MS Walk was held at the Lakeview Lodge and hosted by the Treasure Lake Recreation Committee on April 14. The DuBois walk is the largest in Central PA and raises significant funds for MS each year.  More than 1M people in the US are inflicted with MS. Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often debilitating disease of the central nervous systems that disrupts the flow of information with the brain, and between the body and the brain, according to the MS Society Website. 

A huge thank you goes out to the 140 people participated in the walk, created teams, and solicited donations for MS.  Overall, the walk raised $18,172.00 for MS. Considering it was Palm Sunday and raining, the MS Society was thrilled with the turnout and fundraising which was only slightly less than the 2018 total.

The Treasure Lake Recreation Committee and volunteers, led by Garret Pollock were actively involved.  Volunteers included Teri Kakabadze who picked up all the donated food for the walkers, Bridget Brown, Candace Blochberger, and Amy Lindmar, who assisted in serving food, Joan Kloss, Pat McAllister, and Sue Cunningham who assisted with registration. Cathy Yarkovich, Gail Westover, and Michelle Raab assisted with the 50/50 and selling raffle tickets, raising $523.00 towards the cause. Anita Todd advertised the event, solicited volunteers, walkers, and donations. Kudos to Sarah Hummel who collected five baskets for the raffle and who donated one from her company, Key Settlement Services.

Donations for the raffle came from TL and DuBois Community Members and business owners. The list includes:

  • Stacey Dixon, Color Street Sales Rep, Basket
  • Lori Srock, RE/MAX, Basket
  • Pattiy Olson-Angeletti, Wreath
  • Sarah Hummel, Key Settlement Services, Basket  
  • Edward Jones, Basket
  • Doolittle’s Station, Basket
  • Sunny 106, Basket
  • Life’s Journey OBGYN, Basket
  • Coldwell Banker, Basket

We sincerely appreciate all of the walkers, donors and volunteers who make this event possible. It is not too late to donate to the MS Society. Visit for more information and for links to donate.

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