Sandy Township Police Reports – May 17-20

May 17, 2019

Officers received a report of a woman behind the wheel of a vehicle in the parking lot of Vape Vibe at the Commons, who appeared to be slumped over with a white substance coming out of her mouth. When officers arrived on scene, the woman was awake, but
unable to answer basic questions. There were suspected drugs and paraphernalia in the
vehicle. The 29 year old Reynoldsville woman was taken into custody, and turned over to State Parole. Charges have been filed for public intoxication.

Staff at Wasson School reported a parent at the school who may be intoxicated. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the 24 year old DuBois woman who appeared to be under the influence, and escorted to her residence.

A 31 year old S. Main Street woman said someone scratched an obscene word into her vehicle while it was parked in front of her residence.

A woman reported seeing a man lunge at a woman in the parking lot of Burger King, grabbing her by the neck. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the couple.

Officers were called to a Treasure Lake residence for a disturbance. A 39 year old Polacca Ct woman reported her 43 year old ex-husband arrived at the residence and kicked in the door and began threatening her and her son. The 43 year old did become belligerent with officers, but they were able to calm him down and he was released to a friend.

May 18, 2019

A 56 year old Sandy Township woman reported that a former employee had left harassing messages on other employee’s phones. Officers handled the situation without incident.

May 19, 2019

Officers received a report of a blue/gray Ford driving erratically in the area of Shaffer Road. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

May 20, 2019

False alarm at a Treasure Lake residence

Employees of Nelson’s Golden Years reported seeing someone with a flashlight in the woods just below the facility. Officers searched the area but could not locate anyone.

A Treasure Lake woman reported receiving a call from a suspicious caller, who she released personal information to before realizing it was a scam.

A Treasure Lake man reported several kids fooling around with his company equipment. Minor damage was reported.

False alarm at Burger King

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