Memorial Run to be Held in Memory of Treasure Lake’s Brittany Baird

Brittany Baird passed away tragically in a canoeing accident May 24, 2014. The Memorial Ride is in her memory.
Image provided by family

DuBois locals, Lonnie and Marcy Baird have called Treasure Lake home the past 26 years and will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary next month. You may know Lonnie as the singer and acoustic guitar player in the popular band, “Root2Fifth”, which plays regularly in Treasure Lake. Band partner, Dennis Hillebrand, who also sings and plays guitar in the band, is his brother-in-law. Susie Sullivan, Lonnie’s younger sister is the lead singer of “The Ride”, playing poolside Sunday night as part of the Kickoff to Summer Concert. If you ask Lonnie, he’ll joke that he’s the good looking one in the family.

But today is a solemn day for the Baird family – five years ago, on May 24, 2014, their daughter, Brittany, lost her life in a canoeing accident on the Clarion River. “Our beautiful daughter Brittany was 25 years old, had just received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Temple University and was employed by Clearfield-Jefferson Mental Health, now known as Community Guidance Center in DuBois. She was doing great things and helping many people in the area,” reflects Lonnie. She was engaged to be married in September of that year.

In her memory, the Baird family and friends host the annual Brittany Baird Memorial Ride to benefit the Haven House, a short term emergency homeless shelter in Dubois, serving the local community. The first four events raised over $44,000 for the shelter.

“Over the years this event has been extremely successful mostly due to our numerous friends and family from the DuBois area. We have had as many as 400+ people attend the event which includes prizes, dinner and live music after the ride. Local businesses have also been very supportive with donations to Haven House,” Lonnie explained.

“My wife and I, plus our daughter Jessica, struggle every day but look forward to keeping Brittany’s memory alive through things like our memorial ride.”

The 5th Annual Brittany Baird Memorial Ride will take place June 15th at the Penfield Fireman’s Club. Dice Run sign up is 10am-noon and will take you on a 125 mile ride through Clearfield, Elk and Cameron Counties. At various stops along the way, riders roll a dice and points are tallied. A prize award for $300 and $100 will go to the highest and lowest scores at the end of the ride. All types of vehicles are welcome.

Entry is $15 per person and includes dinner and live music by “8 Track Daze”. Return to Penfield Fireman’s Club by 5:30pm for dinner, 50/50 drawings, Chinese auction, T-shirts and more.

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