This Day in Treasure Lake May 1976 – Bicentennial Tribute

Reprinted from the Treasure Chest May-June, 1976

Personnel at Treasure Lake, DuBois recently participated in a Bicentennial Tribute sponsored by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. During a ceremony at Treasure Lake’s main gate, the American Bicentennial flag was raised and personnel signed a Declaration of Dedication. Westinghouse employees throughout the country signed similar Declarations this year, which are being bound in a large volume to be presented by Westinghouse Chairman Robert Kirby in Washington, D.C. later this summer. Treasure Lake Stables Manager Crystal Bubnik brought the Dedication scrolls on horseback for personnel to sign. Upon signing, each employee received a bicentennial lapel pin.

Crystal looks on as Security Chief Col. Joe Dussia holds the Dedication scroll for Treasure Lake Project Manager Gerald Frankovich

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