Welcome to the Lake – Yvette and Lenny Covatch

Names – Yvette and Lenny Covatch

Kids/Pets – 2 kids (our daughter, Layla is in 3rd grade & our son, Reece is in Kindergarten) and a dog named Bentley

What brought you to Treasure Lake – My husband is a Pharmaceutical rep and was offered a great job here in PA. We chose to live here because of all of the amenities that are available here in TL and we absolutely fell in love with our current home. 

Where are you from originally – I am a born and raised Southern California girl, but my husband grew up in Punxsutawney and still has family there. 

What do you love about Treasure Lake – the beautiful landscape and views, the deer (our kids love seeing them everyday), sense of security and safety, friendly people, activities (kids events, wine and paint nights, etc.), convenience of the restaurants, the gas station, the pool, the beach.

All in all, we have been here for almost a year, and we are so happy. The change of pace has been so nice! You really get to appreciate the beauty of nature here and all of the seasons. Although I miss the California weather and my family, moving here to TL has been an awesome experience for our family. 


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