Memorial Service at LVL Gazebo, a New Tradition in Treasure Lake

Dozens of residents turned out Monday morning at the gazebo at Lakeview Lodge for an impromptu Memorial Service to honor the service men and women who never returned home from war. The service included a prayer by Bill Morell, a reading by a member of the crowd, and a bugle call of “Taps” by Joe Sensor, followed by a group sing-along of patriotic songs such as “America the Beautiful”, “You’re a Grand Old Flag”, and “Star Spangled Banner”.

The service was quickly put together and arranged by residents after a FaceBook post mentioned the desire to have a Memorial Day service in Treasure Lake. Joe Sensor, lake resident and school band director, volunteered to swing by the school and pick up his bugle in order to participate. Printed lyrics were created and distributed by Cyndi Kimball for the sing-along.

Toni Houston, after seeing the post online regarding the event, invited many of her friends to participate, including Elaine Haskins, a reporter with the Courier Express. “Steve and I were honored to be part of the first-ever Memorial Day service. We look forward to watching it expand in years to come.”

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