GM Updates Property Owners on Progress and Projects at Treasure Lake

In a post to property owners on the Treasure Lake website last night, General Manager, Ed Clark provided updates and announcements of projects and plans for the community. The following are bullet points from the update:

The KOA campground had a successful Memorial Day weekend with every rentable campsite booked.

A Women’s Professional Golf Association tournament has been secured at Treasure Lake.

Clark and Sandy Township Manager, Shawn Arbaugh are working together to find common areas where the two communities can collaborate, including leveraging purchasing power on items such as road salt.

Treasure Lake will be hosting Sandy Township in a joint 4th of July celebration this year, to be held in Treasure Lake on Saturday, July 6th. Sandy Township will contribute funding to the cost of fireworks.

Sandy Township has agreed to classify Treasure Lake fire hydrants as ‘municipal’ which will lower the monthly hydrant fee to the Property Owner’s Association by 50%. In addition to creating a safer community and lowering insurance rates for property owners, the installation of fire hydrants would allow the water utility company, Aqua Pennsylvania, to more easily flush out the water system, and improve access for fire fighters.

The creation and maintenance of hiking and biking trails in Treasure Lake is a priority to the GM and grant funding from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is currently being sought.

A strategic forest management program is being developed in Treasure Lake with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The program is necessary to promote growth of correct trees, control the deer population and ensure a healthy forest for future generations.

The Grant and Fundraising Committee has organized a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop to raise funds for the beautification of Treasure Lake. The event will take place July 4th at 2pm below the tennis courts at the Lakeview Lodge. Tickets are available at the POA office, Gold and Silver Pro Shops, Duffers’ Tavern, KOA, Poolside, North Pointe Fire Station and Snappy’s Convenience Stores.

Due to the noise issue, Omni has purchased and is installing sound panels at Duffers’ Tavern next week.

Wilson Excavating will be installing speed bumps in the area of the back gate due to issues with tailgating and speeding which have caused damage to the gate.

Repair and maintenance of cart paths at the Silver Golf Course will be performed utilizing 66 tons of asphalt millings supplied by Wilson Excavating. Editor’s note: Asphalt millings, a long lasting and eco-friendly material, sometimes referred to as recycled asphalt pavement, is essentially former asphalt projects crushed into gravel. Because no new material is used, cost is severely diminished. Asphalt millings require no refinishing or resurfacing and hardens over time, strengthening as it goes instead of weakening. It is also less susceptible to the elements and produces less dust and mud.

Clark added, “I am probably driving the employees crazy with my lists of To Do’s so if you know POA employees or see them out-and-about, and you like what they’re doing, feel free to thank them.  We’re working hard to make Treasure Lake a place that you can be very proud of.”

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  1. Thank you, for updates, it is so nice to hear about some new ideas. And thank you Ed, for reaching out to Sandy township.

  2. Appreciate the info Ed . Thank you for your efforts .Are there any plans to redo the back roads to the Silver Golf Course??

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