Nominations for Treasure Lake Community Member of the Year Award Due Saturday

The first annual Treasure Lake Community Member of the Year Award nominations are due Saturday, June 8. The award, sponsored by The Lake News, aims to celebrate the people who make a difference in our community.

Qualities looked for are as follows:

  • A person who continually volunteers his or her time, dedication and talents to make the community of Treasure Lake a great place to live, work, and play.
  • A person who has made a positive difference in the lives of fellow residents.
  • A person who is dedicated to Treasure Lake and concerned for others. They may serve on service, school, church, or community committees and clubs.
  • A person who has shown a willingness to work with other residents, who is enthusiastic about the community, and who works continually towards the betterment of Treasure Lake.
  • A person with the qualities of honesty and integrity, compassion and selflessness.
  • A person who says, “Sure – I’ll help – what do we need to do?” and then does it.

Nominations are invited from individuals, businesses, organizations and community clubs and committees.  A full list of details can be found on the Community Member of the Year Award Nomination Criteria form. All nominees must be nominated using the official Community Member of the Year Nomination Form. The closing date for the 2019 award is Saturday, June 8, 2019.

If you require further information or have any questions, please contact The Lake News Editor, Cyndi Kimball at 949-315-5211 or by email at

The Community Member of the Year Award is sponsored by The Lake News and is not affiliated with the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, OMNI Management Services or any of their directors, employees or affiliates.

Community Member of the Year Award Nomination Criteria

Community Member of the Year Nomination Form

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