GM Updates Property Owners on Problem Bears

According to TLPOA general manager, Ed Clark, a problem bear in the area of the Silver Golf Course was trapped and relocated a couple weeks ago without incident. However, calls to the game warden regarding another problem bear in the area of Bay Rd has been answered with the following advice to residents:

  • Use bear resistant trash containers
  • Put trash out for pickup in the morning rather than the night before
  • Clean trashcans frequently with ammonia or bleach solutions
  • Add 1/2 to 1 ounce of ammonia or bleach to the top of your trash when placing it out for pickup.

In regards to calls to the warden, Clark says, “I’m going to keep trying.  It’s not just a nuisance, it’s a safety concern in a residential neighborhood, especially if cubs are involved.”

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  1. If a female bear is transported from Treasure Lake, do they take steps to ensure that they include her cubs?

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