“Treasure Lake Chopper Drop” Promises Big Money to Winner

Treasure Lake Grant and Fundraising Committee is hoping to hand over a big check to a lucky winner of a hole-in-one at the Treasure Lake Chopper Drop on July 4th. The committee is selling golf balls that will be dropped from 70 feet in the air by helicopter over a temporary golf green in front of the tennis courts at Lakeview Lodge. The owner of the first golf ball to drop in the cup wins 10% of the total funds raised, up to $4000. “If no ball enters the cup, the closest to the pin wins 5%,” according to Lois Ferringer, board member and committee liaison. A total of 2000 balls will be sold at $20 a piece or 6 for $100.

“Golf ball drops are done all over the country as fundraising events. Some places utilize bucket fire trucks but the helicopter is a more exciting method especially for viewers. It brings the community together for an exciting event,” Ferringer explained.

Individuals do not need to be present to win, however, according to Ferringer, the best places to watch the action will be in the Lakeview Lodge or marina parking lots at 2pm on July 4th.

Money raised benefits the “Property Enhancement Project” which includes beautification of the front entrance. Details regarding the specific enhancements to be performed at the front entrance were not available at time of posting. Tickets are available for purchase at the POA office, Snappys, Golf Pro Shops, Duffers’ Tavern, 19th Hole, and Cayman Landing.

Members of the Grant and Fundraising Committee include: Annette Fugate, Joann Zartman, Betsy Schuch, Joyce Whaling, Sally Moran, and Patty King. According to Ferringer, individuals “interested [in joining the committee] should call the POA office if they would like to join.”

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