Healthy Relationships Workshop in DuBois Teaches Communication, Stress Management, and Teamwork

Real Relationships offers free classes and workshops that teach the tools needed to establish, build and maintain healthy relationships regardless of your current relationship status: single, in a romantic relationship, engaged or married.

We cover topics such as positive communication skills, stress management techniques, skills for handling conflict, the importance of commitment, and building teamwork in a relationship to name just a few.

Many of the skills taught not only help within our romantic relationships but can be easily used in other areas of our lives as well, such as work and parenting.

Real Relationships is not counseling or therapy, just relationship education.

Enrollment is easy and done at your convenience! Meals and gas cards, in addition to other great incentives such as child care for weekly classes and overnight hotel stay for couples retreats will be provided at no cost to you for participating! 

A couple class is starting Tuesday, July 23 in DuBois at the First United Presbyterian Church. Class includes dinner and child care.

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