Sam Safety: Showing Kids How To Be Safe Around Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks are a fun and cool thing for kids to watch. They are big, make noise, do fun things with your garbage, and the garbage men and women are people children look up to. While the trucks may be fun to watch, they are not safe to play around. Here are a few tips from Advanced Disposal about keeping children safe around garbage trucks.

  1. Don’t stand, play, ride your bike or skateboard, etc. behind the garbage truck. If you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you.
  2. Listen for the beeping. If you can hear beeping coming from the truck, that means it is backing up.
  3. Don’t climb on garbage trucks. This is very dangerous and can result in serious injury.
  4. The driver rides up high, so don’t run up to the truck to say hi, just wave from a safe distance where the driver can see you.
  5. Stay at least 15 feet away from a garbage truck. Garbage trucks weigh about 25 tons, the size of six rhinoceros, so it takes longer to stop.
  6. Don’t play in or around garbage cans. You can get hurt playing around in garbage that can contain sharp objects or hazardous waste. Plus, they contain garbage, yuck!
  7. Never let your child load garbage into a garbage truck.

Sam Safety teaches kids the importance of staying clear from garbage and recycling trucks passing through their neighborhoods and features a catchy song to help them remember the safety message.

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