Board Candidate Ken States

The Lake News asked a series of eight questions to each of the seven candidates running for TLPOA Board of Directors. Their answers are posted individually by candidate in the TLPOA News section of the Lake News. As of this posting, four candidates have submitted responses. The remaining candidate responses will be posted as they are received.

Ken States

1. Provide a brief professional and personal background.

I am a retired engineer, with over 30 years of various types of engineering experience. I have worked in a multitude of locations, both domestic and abroad. I bring a large amount of business experience to this election, including facilities management, budgeting, capital acquisition, attention to detail, leadership, and the ability to get things completed. I have a wide variety of interests including golfing, camping, fishing, reading, and travel to many interesting places. 

2. Why did you choose to run for the TLPOA board of directors?

I wanted to help our community to grow and thrive, and am willing to learn and spend the time in the trenches to get the best “bang for the buck” in all things that the board does.  I think I can definitely help in ensuring our community thrives, while improving harmony and consensus  from all stakeholders in the operation of Treasure Lake.

3. What qualifies you to serve as a TLPOA board member? What skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the TLPOA?

I feel that I can offer a lot to the board, having served in previous management roles. I bring a wealth of varied experience, with a multicultural diversity, that can improve the activities of the board. I know I want to maximize the value of the property owners, by challenging spending to ensure it is really needed , while at the same time supporting necessary expenditures to improve the amenities and maintenance that is needed to ensure our property values remain high, and the Treasure Lake experience can be enjoyed by all.  

4. What are the greatest challenges facing Treasure Lake? If elected, what measures would you propose to resolve them?

I feel that there are 3 main challenges that need addressed. The first is to ensure that the financial spending is stable and funded properly. We carry a large amount of debt that needs to be retired, and retired quickly. Once this is addressed, we can address the other two large challenges.  The second challenge is the need to improve the current amenities. Without adequate funding to maintain and support the amenities, improving them is going to be very difficult. Once we get our finances in order, we can address this challenge. The third challenge is the upcoming need for lake dredging. This need will require significant planning and resources to accomplish. 

5. If elected, what would be your top priority as a board member?

My top priority on the board will be ensuring we get the best value for the money for all expenses . I will politely challenge each of these expenses in order to ensure they are appropriate, while trying to ensure the board also addresses the income side of the equation also.  Getting the TLPOA to have a balanced budget with be my focus.  

6. If elected, what measures would you take to improve communication between the board, TLPOA and property owners?

This is always a challenging topic, but we need to ensure we are inclusive with our communications. For example, not everyone has email that is a property owner so we need to ensure that alternate methods of communicating are included also. We need to get more property owners to the board meetings so that they can hear first hand all of the great things that are happening, while ensuring they also hear of the difficult items from the source rather than through second hand means. Finally, we need to capitalize on the existing methods we have. 

7. Do you feel that the board is transparent enough? If not, what needs to change?

Our board seems relatively transparent in the majority of their activities, but we need to improve transparency by ensuring they have time to focus on the big picture. They can not spend all of their find defending each little decision they make, as they need to expend the majority of their efforts to try to address the items that the majority of the property owners want the board to deal with. To be truly transparent, they need to have the support of the community, with active and supportive members participating in the process. If the board can achieve this goal, they should be able to be completely transparent. 

8. What are your thoughts about our current budget and financial statements?

The current financials and budgeting process seems relatively strong, but is often tardy and confusing. Trying to explain the financial statement without having it in front of you is difficult at best, but if you look at this statement, it paints a relatively clear picture of the communities finances. The budgeting process needs to be accelerated, with quicker information available, and decisions made earlier in the process. Without timely budgeting, we miss out on opportunities like we did last year on paving. 


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