This Day in Treasure Lake Summer 1979 – Construction Up-Date

Reprinted from Treasure Chest Summer 1979

Jim Farrer, director of development.

According to Jim Farrer, director of development for Treasure Lake, Basin D work is scheduled for completion by early fall. This is later than anticipated due to delayed material deliveries and other unforeseen circumstances. This will put about 90 homes, currently on holding tanks, into the central sewer system.

Basin A is scheduled next. Bids have already been accepted for this work and pending permit approval, W.E. Urick Inc. of North Versailles, PA will begin work in mid-August. This contract represents approximately three quarters of a million dollars in water and sewer line extensions to about 450 sites.

Engineering work has been completed on Basin E which is next in line. Work on this basin will be accomplished in tandem with Basin A work and bids will be opened soon. Engineers’ estimates indicate the Basin E work, encompassing about the same number of sites as Basin A, will also run approximately three quarters of a million dollars.

The roads are all owned by the Property Owners Association. As water and sewer systems are completed, roads will be surfaced by the developer. We anticipate completion of the road work in Basin D sometime this fall.

Susquehena Quarry, our rock contractor, has completed their current contract and has removed their stone crusher from the project. We now have stock-piled enough stone to do road, water and sewer work for the next year or two.

General manager Hal Dorgan (left) and Joe Brooke, president of Treasure Lake Companies, inspect finished tennis court.

“One of our main projects has been the preparation of Treasure Lake amenities for the summer season,” Jim points out. “We’ve been painted both pools – the one at the clubhouse and the one at the campgrounds.” Seven thousand dollars was spent to resurface two of the six tennis courts adjacent to the clubhouse. There are two more tennis courts at the campground and the POA has two courts in Captain Kidd Park.

Jim also advises that marina dock repairs have been made. And, for the second year, Big Boys Toys has been retained to operate the marina and provide residents with parts, repairs, gas and oil service and boat sales.

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