Welcome to the Lake – Josh and Ashley Lindsay

Our Names are Josh & Ashley Lindsay! We have 3 kids, Weston is 5 & will be attending Kindergarten at Juniata Elementary, Vidalia (Vayda) is 4 and will be attending Gods Little Treasure PreK program 2 days a week this fall!  Willow is 2!  Kubota (Bo) is our 9 year old German Shepherd/ St Bernard dog! 

What brought you to Treasure Lake?  My husband’s job. He works as a lineman for Penelec, and we are in the process of trying to get back home to be with our family (Really hate being away from ALL family and friends while being a SAHM raising babies.) This is a step in the right direction, we will probably be here for a few years. 

Where did you move from? We moved from Patton, PA where we have lived in a fifth wheel RV for one full year! (crazy I know, but we knew we would be moving again!) 

Where are you from originally? We are originally from Erie, PA , we had our home & land in North East, PA before my husband’s job placement. My husband is originally from Washington, PA.

Why did you choose to Treasure Lake? Treasure Lake seems like the perfect safe place to raise babies! I am happy to be somewhere that has a community & activities to get involved in. We are outdoor people, and are very happy to have such a beautiful place to explore every day!

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Nothing too exciting, we are basically your typical, simple living, barefoot, outdoor, country folk family 🙂

Welcome to the lake Lindsay Family!

If you’re new to Treasure Lake and would like to be spotlighted in the Lake News or would like to spotlight a recent graduate, announce a wedding or birth – email us at (Although we hope they are far and few between, we also post obituaries.)

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