Men’s Wednesday 9 Hole Golf League Standings

After two weeks of rain, the current standings for the Men’s Wednesday 9 Hole Golf League are as follows:


  • Combined two net balls of team versus two net balls of other team.
  • 1 pt. for each three holes, 1 pt. for total number of holes won. Total match worth 4 pts.
  • Everyone will play from the White Tees.
  • Max score is net triple for each player
  • Weekly Combined Low Net Winning Team. $5/team weekly cost

Weekly Game:

  • Each week we have a weekly winner for team low net score. It is $5/team weekly.
  • Two tie all tie and the pot carries to the next week. If you team chooses not to get in it, your team can not participate if it carries over. You will need to make up the prior week amount to enter.


  • Top eight teams will make the season ending playoffs. 4 from each division.
  • We will have a bracket of eight teams that will be seeded 1-8, winning teams will continue on.
  • Playoffs will take place in Aug at the Gold Course.
  • We will have a season ending dinner on 7/31.

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